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The academic programme of Treasureland Elementary school, Ijebu ode is patterned along the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) one of the most important early year’s educators of the twentieth century, the innovator of classroom practices and ideal which have had a profound influence on the education of young children the world over.

At our school, the Montessori philosophy provides a safe, carefully planned and structured environment for children to study. This will ensure a ‘’total’’ and ‘’overall’’ development of the  child- physical, intellectual, emotional, social, personality and spiritual.

Our belief is that all children want to learn and can absorb knowledge with cohension; given the right kind of activities at the right time of their development.

Our teachers are professionals who are trained to observe carefully and respond to the individual needs of the pupils

Our pupils are treated with respect and care in a gentle and sympathetic environment to assist them to achieve optimum efficiency in life.

We implement the five (5) Montessori curriculum area, they are

  • Practical life exercise
  • Sensorial education
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Cultural subjects

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Other co curricular activities such as Music and Movement, Physical education, electives, Language studies, dance, literary arts etc are part of the school programme.

Thus, an average pupil of Treasureland School shall have opportunity to develop his/ her sense of independence, social skill, self esteem, co-ordination (psycho and fine and motor control), self discipline, order and creativity. Each child will learn to read and write without stress between the ages of 4 and 5 years and will internalise number concepts; so as to become a cultured, enthusiastic, confident and independent human being.

Our logo depicts freshness, creativity and innovative position, a school of diverse nature with a non discriminating policy.

The management of Treasureland Elementary School has dedicated the permanent site of the school, a serene and child friendly environment that guarantee sound, smooth and uninterrupted place for study for the upbringing for your child.

Entrust the education of your child to us by enrolling him/her at Treasureland Elementary school, Ijebu-Ode and you won’t regret the decision, as your child will develop in totality and become a useful member of the society.

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The school opens at 7.15am and close at 5pm on week days. All pupils (but for those in crèche) are expected to take part in the morning devotion and assembly which starts at 8am prompt. This is where the school days begins

Pupils in play group and preparatory classes must take part in the morning circles for 15 minutes and classes start for them at 8.30am. The primary will commence classes immediately after devotion and assembly.

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A card will be issued to every child with his/her passport photograph information. This will be used and surrender to the school authority in case a child is to be picked up by an authorized person aside the guardian. It is therefore imperative that ID card be kept safely.

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The School has uniform, cardigan and sport wears. The uniform should be worn over black/brown shoe with customized socks.

The hair should be low cut or plaited with no attachments, beads, chains or bangles.

However they are allowed to wear muftis only on their birthday

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  • Session start and end dates, holidays
  • Open Day
  • Graduate Division
  • Research at Our School