PTA Minutes

Parents/Guardians here is the minute for the last PTA Minutes for May 2022



  • Opening prayer
  • Reading of the last minute
  • Welcome speech by the PTA chairman
  • Sensitization
  • End of the year program
  • School update
  • AOB
  • Vote of thanks
  • Closing prayer

The meeting started at about 12:39pm with opening prayer from the Proprietor Grandma Ogunyemi. The minutes of the last meeting was read by the secretary Miss Adegoke and the motion for adoption was moved by Mrs Olufowobi seconded by Mrs Banjo.


  • The Chairman Mrs Olusanya gave a welcome address where she appreciated everyone for their support so far. She then encouraged everyone to participate actively and support in prize giving day which was to come up July 2022 to help motivate pupils to be more active and vibrant in their studies. She also informed the house that the Vice Chairman had vacated his position and that election would be conducted to fill the spot before the end of the meeting. She then pleaded with parents to ensure that they pick up their pupils early as late pick-up would no longer be tolerated. She also pleaded with parents to ensure that they follow the driving rules of the school in order to ensure the safety of the children. She further informed the house that the project Committee has failed to work as only two of them are active. She then wanted the house to decide if the PTA EXCOS should work with them or they’d like to re-elect more members.
  • Mrs Ogunnowo reacted saying that the security sometimes sit without directing them where to park. She therefore pleaded that the securities stand up to their duties and direct everyone to avoid disorderliness.


  • Sensitisation: Mrs Osungbade Oluwabunmi Rebecca a School Counsellor gave a speech On THE CHILD (Welfare and social security.)
  • Mrs Adeeko thanked the speaker for the speech given and encouraged parents to take to what the speaker had said. Mrs Akpor also supported the speaker saying parents should understand that our children are our pride and that our actions and inactions would affect our children.
  • Grandpa Ogunyemi gave some emphasis on the guest speakers Speech. He mentioned the psychological effect it has on a child. He also said that the management of the school had not stopped reminding parents of the dos and don’ts of the school. He further spoke on the late pickups of pupils that pupils not doing extra are to be picked up by 3:30pm and those doing extra lesson by 5:00pm. Mr. Bimbo Ogunyemi pointed out that on the 16th of May, 2022, a memo was sent out for late pick up. He said that the school closes 3:00pm and that such children who had not made any arrangement with their class teacher should be picked-up by 3: 00pm and those who have arrangement with class teachers should be picked-up by 5.00pm. He further said that the money that had been collected would be refunded because there hadn’t been an official agreement. So, it would take effect as from now onwards and if one is late for 30 minutes the fine is N500 and more than an hour N1000 and that collection will be done immediately. Mrs Towolawi pleaded that the time for pick up should be moved to 4:00pm and that because most parents close between 3:00pm and 3:30pm. He also said that some parents are sometimes inconsistent with who is to pick up their child(ren) and that some of them are dirty. He also talked about the hairdo of the female pupils i.e. the use of attachment and bead and that it makes them unnecessarily attractive to paedophiles. He then pleaded that such act should stop else such pupil’s hair would be cut-off and it was unanimously agreed on.
  • Unfriendly treatment of teachers: He said that children are an empty slate and that parents should be careful of what they say in their presence. He also addressed the issue of reckless driving into the school premises.
  • Parking Cars: He said that parents who aren’t leaving the school premises on time due to one reason or the other should park their vehicle in a way that would not disturb others. He also said encouraged parents to drop off their children and leave the school premises immediately. He then told parents to ensure that they check their respective class platforms for information sent as they are important. Mrs Olabisi pointed out that not all information are sent on the platform.
  • School fees: He said that Parents should not wait till the end of the term before completing the payment of the school fees. He also said that pupil’s names should be indicated in the narration when paying and that PTA levy and school fee should be separated and paid into appropriate accounts. He also urged parents to be close to their children, check their bags and also ensure that they do their home exercises.
  • Honking and blasting of horns: He said that parents shouldn’t call their child(ren) by honking that it is prohibited.
  • Mrs Ogunleye appreciated the management for their good works. She further said that she expects that the school should have called and that the child’s parent should be taken to Igbeba police station and that the school should have directives.
  • Mr Ogunsanya talked about the early morning chaos that happens in the morning and that everyone is always in a hurry. He then suggested that a way be created for those who wants to pick up and those who wants to drive out. The proprietor, Grandma Ogunyemi responded saying that arrangement has been made for early morning drop off and then she told parents that the school is not a place to dress children and that parents should desist from it
  • Mrs Adeeko stated that teachers should call parents when pupils are absent from school.
  • Mr Adesanya complained on the issue of project given to pupils. He said parents are the ones doing the project for the pupils. He appealed to the school management that they should give them projects that the children can do themselves. Mrs Towolawi also supported this saying that she expects that the project given to pupils to be more practical so that the kids shall be involved.  Grandma Ogunyemi said that there is no topic that pupils haven’t been taught and encouraged parents to support the vision of the school.
  • Grandma Ogunyemi said if parents have issues with the school, they should come to the management and then they would deliberate on it rather than create chaos in the school. She also talked about the dressing of female parents to school. She advised that parents be mindful of their dressing and also how they dress up their children to school especially during their birthdays celebrations as it determines what our children becomes.
  • Grandpa Ogunyemi stated that if parents are in school with motorcycle or the tricycle to pick or drop off their children, the school has made provision just before the school fence as it is not safe for pupils to cross the road.
  • Prize giving day: Mrs Olaosebikan informed parents that the school management would appreciate any support both financially and materially towards the forth-coming prize giving day.
  • Project committee report: Mrs Arogundade on behalf of the project committee gave a report of the library project embarked on by the PTA. She said a total of N400,000 was disbursed to the committee and a total of N321,000 was spent. She then pointed out that the painting of the library was done by the school management. Mrs Wunmi asked why the smaller chairs were more expensive than the bigger chairs and then Mrs Arogundade responded that it was because of the durability.
  • Mr. Bimbo Ogunyemi appreciated the PTA for the project and that the library has come to stay because it gave opportunity for pupils to read different books on different topics.
  • Mrs Akpore stated that regarding security of children, she suggested that for any child to be picked-up, the individual must make use of ID card.
  • Election of the Vice Chairman: The electoral committee was set up as follows Mr. Adesanya and Mr Osinibi

Nominees for the Vice Chairman

1.Mr. Adebiyi (30 votes)

2 Mrs Ogunleye-(41 votes) (Winner)

3. Mrs Adesina – 11 votes

  • Mrs Osibowale pleaded with parent to respect teachers and then dress properly to school. She also informed the school that once a child is no longer enrolled with the school, such child’s ID card should be withdrawn. She also encouraged parents to always put on underwear for their female child.

Mrs Anselm appreciated the management, teachers and parents for their immense work and cooperation towards the betterment of our children. The motion for the adjournment of the meeting was moved by Mrs Akpore and seconded by Mrs Adebukonla and the closing prayer was said by Mr Onafowokan. The meeting was brought to a close around 3:20pm. In attendance were 219 parents.